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picture 1 of online custom frame demo, unframed art print picture 2 of online custom frame demo, predetermined matboard picture 3 of online custom frame demo, personalized matboard picture 4 of online custom frame demo, double matboard picture 5 of online custom frame demo, matboard measure adjustment picture 6 of online custom frame demo, personalized double matboard picture 7 of online custom frame demo, second matboard measure adjustment picture 8 of online custom frame demo, custom frame picture 9 of online custom frame demo, double custom frame (two mouldings) picture 10 of online custom frame demo, acclimated custom frame

Online Custom Frames

Design your custom frame in 3 simple steps

We will send it in less than 48 hours

Easily mount it by yourself

You can also upload an image to frame it

Classic framing, shadow box, textures, ...

More than 1600 moldings...

The picture is an indispensable element in decoration. The picture allows us to live surrounded by our memories, fantasies, dreams and loved ones. It is an essential element in creating a welcoming environment. In ENMAR-K2 we strive every day to make available all the necessary elements for you to achieve that cozy atmosphere we all want in our home.

With our Online Framing tool, you can design the frame you want. You can upload the image of the subject to frame, whether it's a picture, photo, print or canvas. Even have the ability to frame objects with volume.

In just 3 simple steps you can display on your screen the designed frame. All framing workshop options, but without leaving home.

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Step 1 - Upload the image of the subject to frame (also you can design the frame without an image), tell us if you want it printed. Also in this step, you can choose to design a framed mirror, frame an art print from our catalog or make a photo composition selecting from hundreds of pre-designed mats that we have.

Step 2 - The matboard meets both an aesthetic function as a preservation function, as it creates an air space between the glass and the artwork preventing moisture from damaging the artwork. Choose in this step if you want a simple matboard, double or one without matboard. We have regular, white, black, alpha-cellulose and even 100% cotton (museum quality) core mats. Of different thicknesses and even with different color cores.

Step 3 - Design the frame. Choose from over 1600 different moldings. We have shadow box mouldings, fillets, floaters... All of them made in Spain with the highest quality woods and from sustainably managed forests. It also has the ability to frame with two mouldings, display the finished frame with excellent quality and in different environments, possibly similar to the environment to which it is intended.

See our tutorial videos on our YouTube channel to see how simple is mounting frames at home. If nevertheless, have questions, you can contact our consultants by phone, email or facebook plugin

We also have a wide range of standard frames for prints, for diplomas, for posters, for university degrees, for puzzles… at a great price.

In our artworks catalog you will find classic art reproductions, lithographs, engravings, black and white photography... All of them framed with high quality moldings and ready to be hung.

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